Corporate Incentives


Whether you are looking to drive sales, build loyalty, increase motivation, improve service, reward behaviour, or simply say 'thank you', effective reward and recognition programmes play a key role in motivating and engaging employees and customers.

Our 30 year’s experience of working with our clients in companies of all sizes to help them incentivise, motivate, reward and retain employees and customers has taught us that although most people claim that money is their preferred reward, there are a number of reasons why non cash rewards such as gift vouchers have a greater impact:


  • People will generally not treat themselves with a cash bonus. It tends to disappear into a general pot of household expenditure and the connection with a task done well in the workplace is diminished.
  • Cash has no trophy value – a cash payment can fail to generate a lasting memory in the way that a gift can.
  • Bonusbond gift vouchers and the pre-paid bonusbond Visa gift card offer a great alternative to cash and a flexible solution for your reward and recognition needs, whatever your budget and audience.
  • Discounts are available dependent on quantity. 

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